DUAL Detection for Security Market

Gamma and Neutron Detection with ONE Detector

In a revolutionary development in the field of radiation detection, Saint Gobain has developed scintillators that can detect both gamma-rays and neutrons.  These crystals replace Sodium Iodide and high pressured Helium-3 tubes that have been industry reference for the past several years. These dual-detecting crystals enable lighter, efficient, and when needed, more powerful detectors – significant attributes for critical applications like homeland security.
Illustration of gamma neutron dual interaction

Explore our new solutions: 

  • NaILTM 

    • Most cost-effective solution, versatile for a range of platforms
      Large format with a exceptional PSD [FoM = 3.0]
  • CLLB

    • For compact and high-performance applications
      Outstanding resolution with PHR below 4% @ 662 keV and PSD [FoM = 2.0]

ONE Detector replaces two separate detectors, simplifying overall design and reducing manufacturing cost.


Removal of He3 tubes creates space for a larger more powerful crystal, making the detector up to 3 times more sensitive for extended capability.


Enabling a broad range of systems that are compact, He3 free, lower-cost & spectroscopy capable.

Increasing Detection Envelope
  Pager Handheld Backpack Mobile (Drone/Vehicle) Portal Monitor
Typical Detector Volume (cc) 8.2 103 262 2097 2097
NaIL X under development under development


Neutrons and gamma rays are easily distinguished through pulse shape discrimination (PSD).
Neutrons and gamma rays are easily distinguished through pulse shape discrimination (PSD).
CLLB Gamma Neutron PSD
It's What's Inside that Counts!

Diane Fruehauf, Application and Technology Manager talks about the advantages of NaIL and CLLB dual detection scintillators

Data Sheets

CLLB Dual Detection Scintillator Material Data Sheet

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