NeuPort and NeuTruck

Neutron Detection Solutions

Fully integrated solutions designed for Vehicle Mounted and Portal Monitors

NeuPortTM and NeuTruckTM solutions provide a cost-effective plug-and-play replacement to He-3 for portal and vehicle-mounted monitors. These are 6LiF/ZnS(Ag) based flat packaged neutron sensitive detectors contained in a high-density polyethylene moderator enclosure. Neutrons are captured by the 6Li and the reaction products excite emission from the ZnS(Ag) scintillator which in turn is absorbed in an adjacent ribbon of wavelength shifting fiber.

Proprietary Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) algorithm is employed to count neutrons and reject gamma-ray events.


  • Plug & Play Replaces He-3 systems without modification of existing electronics or significant changes in voltage

  • Value Provides performance that meets or exceeds ANSI standards

  • Safe Contains no hazardous materials and does not require secondary containment

  • Reliable Is based upon well-established technologies that guarantee product reliability over time.

  • Fully Integrated Incorporates the electronics that allows calibration to meet specifications

Standard Designs Available

Configuration Application Overall Dimensions
Neutron Efficiency * Gamma Rejection Model Number P/N
NeuPort Portal 85” x 12.5” x 4.2” ≥ 2.5 cps/ng ≤ 1 x 10-6 Nu85X12.5X4.2-2.5 200-8065
≥ 2.8 cps/ng Nu85X12.5X4.2-2.8 200-8048
NeuTruck Mobile 34" x 14" x 4.2" ≥ 1.6 cps/ng Nu34X14X4.2-1.6 200-8108
≥ 2.3 cps/ng Nu34X14X4.2-2.3 200-8009

*Measured with 252Cf moderated source @ 2 meters from the center

System includes:

  • Flat packaged neutron sensitive detectors
  • Full electronics with pulse shape discrimination (PSD) algorithms
  • Proprietary Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) algorithm is employed to count neutrons and reject gamma-ray events.
  • Gain stabilization
  • High-density polyethylene moderator enclosure
  • Cables and connectors (customizable)

Electrical Specifications (22°C)

  • VDC 5V
  • Current 0.8A
  • Power 4W
  • Signal output: TTL (Transitor Transitor Logic) compatible
  • Cable Length: 5 feet • TTL Pulse every Neutron detected
  • TTL Pulse output impedance: 50 ohms
  • Connectors:Power Supply: Pigtail TTL Out: Male BNC Custom output and connectors are available
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +55°C
Data Sheets

NeuTruck™ and NeuPort™ fully integrated neutron detection solution for Portal and Mobile scanning

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Data Sheets

Neutron Detection Solutions - Operating Manual

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NeuPort_NeuTruck Operating manual
Technical papers


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