Assembly Materials

An assortment of materials for an optical interface, wrapping and reflector materials are available for assembling your own detector.

Optical, Tape, Resin

  • Optical Grease
    • BC-631 Silicone Optical Grease temporarily out of stock
  • Optical Pads
    • BC-634A Optical Interface Pad
    • BC-637 High-temperature Optical Interface Pad
  • Tapes
    • BC-638 Black Wrapping Tape
    • BC-640 Plastic Masking Tape
    • BC-642 PTFE Reflector Tape
Optical Pads

BC-634A is a silicone-adhesive coupling compound for making an optically clear bond between the scintillator and photomultiplier tube. BC-634A is formulated for use within the temperature range of -10 to +60oC, has an index of refraction of 1.42 and an internal transmission >98% around 400nm.  BC-634A is a self-wetting, flexible pad just hard enough to resist tearing while handling. 

Note: If you cannot maintain sufficient interface pressure, apply a thin film of coupling grease to both sides of the interface pad. 

BC-637 interface pads are a silicone-adhesive coupling compound for making an optically clear bond between the scintillator and photomultiplier tube. BC-637 is rated to 200oC.

We supply as ready-to-use disks in specified diameters and in thicknesses of 1, 3 and 6 mm.

Diameter inches (mm) Thickness inches (mm) Part number
1” (25.4mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6634A-00047
1” (25.4mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6634A-00041
1" (25.4mm) 0.236 (6mm) 6634A-00165
1.5” (38.1mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6634A-00068
1.5” (38.1mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6634A-00057
1.5” (38.1mm) 0.236 (6mm) 6634A-00194
2” (50.8mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6634A-00046
2” (50.8mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6634A-00056
2” (50.8mm) 0.236 (6mm) 6634A-00096
3” (76.2mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6634A-00021
3” (76.2mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6634A-00042
3” (76.2mm) 0.236 (6mm) 6634A-00166
1” (25.4mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6637-00003
1” (25.4mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6637-00031
1” (25.4mm) 0.236 (6mm)  
1.5” (38.1mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6637-00054
1.5” (38.1mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6637-00056
1.5” (38.1mm) 0.236 (6mm)  
2” (50.8mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6637-00004
2” (50.8mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6637-00010
2” (50.8mm) 0.236 (6mm)  
3” (76.2mm) 0.039 (1mm) 6637-00075
3” (76.2mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6637-00024
3” (76.2mm) 0.236 (6mm)  
Typical Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.25 mm (+/-0.0098") / Typical Diameter Tolerance: +/- 1 mm (+/-0.039")





BC-638 is a black adhesive tape 2" (50.8mm) wide by .008" (0.2mm) thick. Wrapping a plastic scintillator in one layer will give you a light-tight seal.

Size: 2" wide X 32.9m long Ordering Part number: S-1033-1

BC-640 is an adhesive-backed masking paper routinely used for protecting the surfaces of plastic scintillators during handling or storage.

Size: 12” (30.5cm) wide by 300' (91.4m) Ordering Part number: 6640-00002

BC-642 Teflon® tape is frequently used as a reflecting material for non-hygroscopic scintillators. Three layers give you optimum reflectivity.

2" wide X 13.7m long on 3" PTFE core .003" (0.08 mm) thick (normal) Ordering Part number: S-1006-7

Optical Grease

Temporarily out of stock due to supply chain shortage - check back for status

BC-631 is a clear, colorless, silicone, optical coupling compound that features excellent light transmission and low evaporation and bleed at 25oC.  It has a specific gravity of 0.976 and 1.465 Index of Refraction. It is not recommended that BC-631 optical grease be used with a Teflon reflector except for temporary optical coupling.

We supply this single component formulation in a jar.

Size: 113 g (~ 125 ml) Ordering Part number: 6631-0113
Size: 453 g (~ 500 ml) Ordering Part number: 6631-0453