Green-Emitting Plastic Scintillators

BC-428 is a clear, transparent plastic scintillator with bright green fluorescence. It is intended for use with photodiodes and charged coupled devices (CCDs) which have optical sensitivities in the green and red portions of the spectrum. Phoswich detectors and other special systems which use optical techniques advantageously for background reduction and selected signal enhancement also may employ BC-428.


Comparing BC-428 to BC-400 scintillator shows that BC-428 has about the same scintillation efficiency. However, its relative light output is 56% of BC-400’s with bialkali photocathode PMTs and 85% with S-11 PMTs.

Emission Spectra of BC-428
Light Output, %Anthracene 36
Rise Time (10-90%), ns 1.6
Integral Rise Time (10-90%), ns 30
Decay Time (1/e), ns 12.5
Wavelength of Max. Emission, nm 480
Light Attenuation Length, 10 mm sheet, cm 150
Atomic Composition  
No. H Atoms per cc (x1022) 5.23
No. C Atoms per cc (x1022) 4.74
Ratio H:C Atoms 1.103
No. of Electrons per cc (x1023) 3.37
General Technical Data
Base Polyvinyltoluene
Density [g/cc] 1.023
Expansion Coefficient
Refractive index 1.58
Softening Point 70°C
Vapor Pressure May be used in vacuum
Solubility Soluble in aromatic solvents, chlorinated solvents, acetone, etc. Unaffected by water, dilute acids, lower alcohols, alkalis and pure silicone fluids or grease.
Light Output At +60oC = 95% of that at+20oC. Independent of temperature from -60oC to +20oC